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Cote D’Azur

During the month of September we hosted Steve’s parents and took them on a south east tour of France from Lyon to the Cote D’Azur via Provence. We were welcomed by Sandra’s family who made us feel at… Read More


Loire River via Velo

As we drove from Provence towards the centre of France we took a smaller national route that gave us a better look at the local scenery and towns and villages. It was a bit longer than using the… Read More


Fromage in the Alpage

We all know the French and Swiss love cheese and they have been given a few names (good and bad) that go along with their love affair with the soft gooey stuff. Over three months we have probably… Read More


Plat – Touching Serenity in Switzerland

As the sun creeps up over the surrounding peaks to the east and starts to warm the valley floor below us we peel back the curtains of our caravan and enjoy the lighting spectacular. It’s still most mornings… Read More

Rolling hills of Drome Provencale

Entree – Drome Provencale

There’s a special part of the world that Sandra and her family enjoy. With its rolling hills, pleasant environment and a friendly community feel it’s a great place to spend time with friends and family. Over the three… Read More