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Gracias Maravillosa Monteverde

It was the quaker movement of the 1950’s that put Santa Elena and Monteverde on the map. These migrants from the US were escaping being drafted in the Vietnam war and skipped to the beautiful mountains of Costa… Read More

Day 3 (166)

Road Trip Uyuni – Une Pincee de Sel

6 people crammed into a Toyota LandCruiser crossing the altiplano region of Bolivia. Sounds pretty stupid, but this is the sort of adventure that we love. While it does sound like we are getting off the beaten track,… Read More

Torres Del Paine National Park

The Extreme World of Paine

May 2016 The Torres del Paine national park and its associated treks are almost a right of passage for any backpacker travelling into Patagonia. With such a contrast of environments squeezed into a short distance, it’s no wonder… Read More


Out of Africa

We were headed on a bus for Johannesburg, South Africa, the most developed country in southern Africa. The trip was meant to be 17 hours but ended up lasting 22 hours after 4 hours trying to cross the… Read More


Malawi to Zambia

Late November 2015 Border have become so routine for us now there is little excitement when we finally get the stamp. The officials just want to see the money and once other (painstaking) formalities have been completed we… Read More