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The 5 F’s of Fabulous France

When we return to France it is for the big F’s: Family, Friends, Fun, Food and Fine wine. It was a great surprise after 4 planes and about 48 hours of travel time to be greeted at Lyon’s… Read More


Gracias Maravillosa Monteverde

It was the quaker movement of the 1950’s that put Santa Elena and Monteverde on the map. These migrants from the US were escaping being drafted in the Vietnam war and skipped to the beautiful mountains of Costa… Read More

Valle de la luna (84)

Desert Nights

Late May 2016 They say “when you have reached the bottom the only way to go is up”. Well after our month in beautiful but chilly Patagonia, we reached a turning point in our trip. This would be… Read More

Mafate (17)

Reunion Interior

December 2015 & January 2016 There’s something satisfying about hiking. Not just the casual stroll type, but the one where each step is carefully placed and each breath brings a new surge of energy to your aching body…. Read More


Attacking the Alpage

We had been hiking for about 2 hours at a pretty steady pace. As we pushed on climbing the final 200 vertical metres we were rewarded with a view of Mt Blanc reflecting off the nearby lake. It… Read More