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The 5 F’s of Fabulous France

When we return to France it is for the big F’s: Family, Friends, Fun, Food and Fine wine. It was a great surprise after 4 planes and about 48 hours of travel time to be greeted at Lyon’s… Read More

Our only photo of Playa Del Coco

Pacific Pacified – Part 1

Early August 2016 It’s great to be in a country where the public transport network is pretty reliable and as an independent traveller, you are free to choose your own way. It was using this system that we… Read More

Rolling hills of Drome Provencale

Entree – Drome Provencale

There’s a special part of the world that Sandra and her family enjoy. With its rolling hills, pleasant environment and a friendly community feel it’s a great place to spend time with friends and family. Over the three… Read More


L’Aperitif – Lacanau

Warm weather, sunshine, ocean, lakes, orchards, vineyards and fantastic food…..yes it’s close to a perfect destination and the region that sits between Bordeaux and the Atlantic Ocean is all about those things. We were luckily to spend a… Read More