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The 5 F’s of Fabulous France

When we return to France it is for the big F’s: Family, Friends, Fun, Food and Fine wine. It was a great surprise after 4 planes and about 48 hours of travel time to be greeted at Lyon’s… Read More

Rolling hills of Drome Provencale

Entree – Drome Provencale

There’s a special part of the world that Sandra and her family enjoy. With its rolling hills, pleasant environment and a friendly community feel it’s a great place to spend time with friends and family. Over the three… Read More


L’Aperitif – Lacanau

Warm weather, sunshine, ocean, lakes, orchards, vineyards and fantastic food…..yes it’s close to a perfect destination and the region that sits between Bordeaux and the Atlantic Ocean is all about those things. We were luckily to spend a… Read More