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The Blue Hues of Quintana Roo

There are places where the natural surroundings will make anything unpleasant vanish, allowing you to simply absorb the beauty of the environment. Lake Bacalar, close to the Belize border in Mexico, could be one of these places. It’s… Read More


The Life Aquatic with SandS

When someone talks of the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo most people think of the resort towns of Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. These towns are the big draw cards for spring breakers and sun seekers from… Read More

Agua Azul (9)

Jungle Love and Cenote Sights

Slow winding mountainous roads make overnight bus trips a bit more uncomfortable than we were used. The would usually make it on to straight highway close to dawn allowing us a few solid minutes of sleep. Our eyes… Read More


Colonial Cities and Hippy Hangouts

We had had enough of the crowds in Mexico City (MC) and decided to cut a short path across to the bustling colonial town of Puebla, just 2 hours bus from MC. We left our bags in the… Read More


High Times in Jalisco

Mid January 2016 Moving from the fantastic experience we had in Tequila we headed to the west coast and the pacific ocean. Glimmering below us like great oceans do from a high, we descended the mountains and cut… Read More