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Caribbean Costa Rica – Pura Vida

It was a bit of a mad dash from Galapagos Islands to Costa Rica. With a little more than 3 weeks left in Latin America, we decided on our 2 top countries to visit: Costa Rica and Nicaragua…. Read More


South Coast Cuba – Cienfuegos & Trinidad

Each time we visit a new country, we try to approach it with an open mind so we can experience it and its locations with fresh eyes. We try to read widely and from as many sources as… Read More


The Coral Gardens in the Bay of Pigs

There are two invasions that we talk about occurring in Cuba. There is the present invasion of tourists “getting in” before the USA trade embargoes are removed and the American citizens flock to this island nation. The dominant… Read More

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La Habana – Back to the Future

How can you describe a town like Havana? Hidden for years from main stream tourism (Canadian package tours the exception) with only a handful of die hard visitors plying through the red tape and trying to solicit information… Read More