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Rio Revelation

Arriving into Rio de Janeiro, we experienced first hand the terrible traffic that plagues this city. But with Sandra navigating, we skirted it without issue to our lodgings. From our vantage point, the marvellous city didn’t just reveal… Read More


Peace in Paraty

After a week long immersion in the wild floodplains of the Pantanal, we decided to experience some local Brazilian culture. And to truly appreciate it, we needed to head to their marvellous city and their Riviera. Our relatively… Read More

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The Pantanal – Les Pieds dans L’Eau

The Pantanal is a large seasonal flood plain situated in the South West of Brazil that is known to rival the Amazon for its size and wildlife. Dry half the year and flooded the other half, it is… Read More

Iguazu Falls Argentine (19)

Cataracts Convergence – Iguazu Falls

It went like this. Night flight from Havana to Lima, Peru. Night flight Lima to Asuncion, Paraguay. Early morning taxi Asuncion airport to bus station. Morning bus Asuncion to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. Local bus Ciudad del Este… Read More