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Copacabana (14)

Lake Titicaca: La Puerta Del Sol

Yes, it was very scary at times, yes it was the worst we had experienced in our 15 months of travelling and yes we were glad to arrive to La Paz alive. This is what it’s like to… Read More


Rehab in Rurrenabaque

June 2016 We were a bit over the cool weather and being held hostage to other elements, so with some clear weather on the horizon and the threat of another road blockage, we decided to cut a long… Read More

Day 3 (166)

Road Trip Uyuni – Une Pincee de Sel

6 people crammed into a Toyota LandCruiser crossing the altiplano region of Bolivia. Sounds pretty stupid, but this is the sort of adventure that we love. While it does sound like we are getting off the beaten track,… Read More