Month: June 2016

Day Hike Volcanes (40)

Sucré Salé – The Elbow of the Andes

After a crammed but enjoyable 4wd tour across the desert and salt flats of Bolivia, the last thing you would think we would want to do would be jumping on a night bus. But with the desolate town… Read More

Day 3 (166)

Road Trip Uyuni – Une Pincee de Sel

6 people crammed into a Toyota LandCruiser crossing the altiplano region of Bolivia. Sounds pretty stupid, but this is the sort of adventure that we love. While it does sound like we are getting off the beaten track,… Read More

Valle de la luna (84)

Desert Nights

Late May 2016 They say “when you have reached the bottom the only way to go is up”. Well after our month in beautiful but chilly Patagonia, we reached a turning point in our trip. This would be… Read More