Month: May 2016

Torres Del Paine National Park

The Extreme World of Paine

May 2016 The Torres del Paine national park and its associated treks are almost a right of passage for any backpacker travelling into Patagonia. With such a contrast of environments squeezed into a short distance, it’s no wonder… Read More


Patagonia: Une Pure Rencontre

May 2016 When the region Patagonia is mentioned, people often turned misty eyes thinking about the rugged landscape, giant glaciers and fiordlands that make up this region. Others have a look of horror on their face as they… Read More


Un Air de Tango in Buenos Aires

Late April 2016 It was a case of lesson learnt with our hop south from Rio to Buenos Aires. Arriving from a warm destination to a cold one without the proper clothing is shock to the system and… Read More


Rio Revelation

Arriving into Rio de Janeiro, we experienced first hand the terrible traffic that plagues this city. But with Sandra navigating, we skirted it without issue to our lodgings. From our vantage point, the marvellous city didn’t just reveal… Read More


Peace in Paraty

After a week long immersion in the wild floodplains of the Pantanal, we decided to experience some local Brazilian culture. And to truly appreciate it, we needed to head to their marvellous city and their Riviera. Our relatively… Read More