Month: February 2016


High Times in Jalisco

Mid January 2016 Moving from the fantastic experience we had in Tequila we headed to the west coast and the pacific ocean. Glimmering below us like great oceans do from a high, we descended the mountains and cut… Read More

Tequila (1)

Talking Tequila in Tequila

The terms “hand made”, “hand crafted”, “artisanal” and “small batch” are used so much in the description of spirit brands these days that the terms have become convoluted. So much so that it is hard to really appreciate… Read More

Mexico City (9)

Mexico City

Our first official night in Mexico City (MC) was a bit of a blur. After over 40 hours of travel including 2 stops over, we arrived into Mexico without any problems or hassles, despite having some at Mauritius… Read More