Month: November 2015


Life and Death on the Serengeti

Early November 2015 We watched in excitement as this jackal surprises a group of gazelles and seizes the baby in its jaws. Jackals are small and nervous creatures and something (wither us or another vehicle) scares it so… Read More


Lake Nakuru and it’s Surrounding Metropoli

Here we go, all loaded onto the bus and ready for a 12 hours bus ride from Kampala, Uganda to Nakuru in Kenya. The easy coach (link) bus was a little older but we were told the service… Read More


Intimate Times with Primates and Ungulates – Uganda

Describing a game drive and the feeling of seeing all of these magnificent creatures in one place is difficult. It’s hard to convey the emotions that we are feeling at the time and even the day after these… Read More


Murchison Falls National Park – Uganda

It was another early start was again rewarded with herds of elephants moving across the plains in search of food and water. Although today was not a safari day the roads in and out of the park are… Read More


The Hungry Hungry Hippos of QENP

With such a great experience on our first day on safari we decided to increase our chances of seeing the amazing animals Uganda and Queen Elizabeth Park have to offer. We left the Ishasha region and drove north… Read More