Month: October 2015


Cote D’Azur

During the month of September we hosted Steve’s parents and took them on a south east tour of France from Lyon to the Cote D’Azur via Provence. We were welcomed by Sandra’s family who made us feel at… Read More


Attacking the Alpage

We had been hiking for about 2 hours at a pretty steady pace. As we pushed on climbing the final 200 vertical metres we were rewarded with a view of Mt Blanc reflecting off the nearby lake. It… Read More


Loire River via Velo

As we drove from Provence towards the centre of France we took a smaller national route that gave us a better look at the local scenery and towns and villages. It was a bit longer than using the… Read More


Digestif – Cinque Terre

It’s still early in Riomaggiore and as we arrive on one of first trains we can feel the warmth of the sun already taking its hold on the coast. We are excited to tackle this first part of… Read More


Dessert – The Italian Job

With a few extra days up our sleeves we decided that we would drop down from Switzerland into Italy and visit some of the towns close to France. Steve had not visited these towns before and we decided… Read More