Month: June 2015

Île des Pins

The  Kanak people of New Caledonia believe that the Cook Pine (aka Colonial Pine) is a persons soul rising up out of the earth into heaven. The way they curve up to like whisps of smoke gives this… Read More

Dirt road hikes through the local village

Last Stop – Nuangshwe

Nuangshwe is a small town located at the northern end of Inle Lake. It has the most “backpacker vibe” of all the towns we stayed in which was nice and thankfully it’s not a overrun with backpackers just… Read More

Floating in the Gardens of Inle Lake

Set high in the mountains and surrounded on all sides, Inle Lake shimmers like a mirror, the image only broken when the long-tail boats cut through it, or the local fisherman snake their way over the water. It’s… Read More


Province du Sud – Noumea’s Playground

With hundreds of unpopulated ilots, deep red mountains with crystal clear water snaking through them and beach front camping all within 2 hrs drive it’s hard not to like the Southern Province of New Caledonia. Containing most of… Read More



Set in the centre of Myanmar one could think all things revolve around the countries last Royal capital city but this is not true in the case of Mandalay. While it’s still a bustling city (2nd largest in… Read More