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Bali Finale

Bali, that gorgeous little island wedged in the middle of Indonesia. If you come from Europe, it’s known as the island of the gods, if you come from Australia it’s known as the island for drinking. Our idea… Read More

La Cité d’or

There’s a familiar feeling returning to a South East Asian destination. It begins when the plane decends and the local villages, dirt roads and winding, brown rivers become clear. Once on the ground the air seems to take… Read More

Myanmar First Impressions

What a crazy, interesting and intriguing country Myanmar is. The people regard westerners with interest as you walk past them on the street but they will share a smile and a laugh with you in a instant. The… Read More

Dirt road hikes through the local village

Last Stop – Nuangshwe

Nuangshwe is a small town located at the northern end of Inle Lake. It has the most “backpacker vibe” of all the towns we stayed in which was nice and thankfully it’s not a overrun with backpackers just… Read More

Floating in the Gardens of Inle Lake

Set high in the mountains and surrounded on all sides, Inle Lake shimmers like a mirror, the image only broken when the long-tail boats cut through it, or the local fisherman snake their way over the water. It’s… Read More