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Grandioses Galapagos – Part 2

We were sad to say goodbye to our previous shipmates and as they drifted away from the Aida Maria, we set ourselves on the top deck. Our sadness soon turned to excitement as Angel the Capitan pointed out… Read More

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Grandioses Galapagos – Part 1

Driving into the shimmering setting sun of the northern Peruvian desert, we were closing another countries chapter but opening a new adventure in the small country of Ecuador. The cross border bus ride was pleasant enough and after… Read More


A la Poursuite des Incas – Peru

Late June 2016 We had heard some mixed reviews about Peru from other travellers and our plan for the country was a quick visit to the cultural town of Cusco and explore some of the Inca ruins. While… Read More

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Lake Titicaca: La Puerta Del Sol

Yes, it was very scary at times, yes it was the worst we had experienced in our 15 months of travelling and yes we were glad to arrive to La Paz alive. This is what it’s like to… Read More


Rehab in Rurrenabaque

June 2016 We were a bit over the cool weather and being held hostage to other elements, so with some clear weather on the horizon and the threat of another road blockage, we decided to cut a long… Read More