Category: New Caledonia

Île des Pins

The  Kanak people of New Caledonia believe that the Cook Pine (aka Colonial Pine) is a persons soul rising up out of the earth into heaven. The way they curve up to like whisps of smoke gives this… Read More


Province du Sud – Noumea’s Playground

With hundreds of unpopulated ilots, deep red mountains with crystal clear water snaking through them and beach front camping all within 2 hrs drive it’s hard not to like the Southern Province of New Caledonia. Containing most of… Read More


Weekend Catamaran – Les ilots du Sud

A must do in New Caledonia is exploring the multitude of ilots that are scattered throughout the lagoon that surrounds New Caledonia. One of the best ways to reach the ilots that lie beyond Noumea is to hire… Read More

Nouméa et ses environs, capitale du Caillou

The Southern Provence of New Caledonia is a rich mix of ochre red landscapes, turquoise blue waters lapping against white sandy beaches that collar a multitude of ilots (small islands) and the Capital, Noumea. 70% of the population… Read More


Grande Terre – Le Grand Nord

You have to admire the French, they have created a great culture with food, wine, architecture and back in the day an empire that spanned the globe (the history that goes with it is not always pretty). A… Read More