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Made in Mauritius

Early January 2016 The Mascarene Islands are three distinct volcanic islands that lie off the east coast of Africa. Beyond Madagascar these beautiful islands of Reunion (links), Mauritius and Rodrigues are spectacular in design. We left the soaring… Read More

Mafate (17)

Reunion Interior

December 2015 & January 2016 There’s something satisfying about hiking. Not just the casual stroll type, but the one where each step is carefully placed and each breath brings a new surge of energy to your aching body…. Read More

Reunion Littoral

December 2015 & January 2016 Thousands of kilometres off the east coast of Africa, in the tropical Indian Ocean a small island pokes up out the deep blue. The green peaks are thrust upwards thousands of metres and… Read More


Out of Africa

We were headed on a bus for Johannesburg, South Africa, the most developed country in southern Africa. The trip was meant to be 17 hours but ended up lasting 22 hours after 4 hours trying to cross the… Read More


A day in the life of a Twala volunteer

We are floating down a meandering river on a bed of reeds passing all sort of animals. But as there calls become clearer we are aware they are all farm animals. Pigs, ducks, chickens, the honks of geese… Read More